Why wont server replicate the animation?

Ok, to explain I got this in my animation update:

and in my animgraph this:
this makes me “bend” the character forward or backwards.

So my question is, my server sees the client bend but client doesnt see the server bend…
Any solution to this would be awesome… thx

Well this is a problem that needs a copy of the entire project to figure out where things have gone wrong as far as replication goes.

Some basics.

In general inplace animation is reactive, more so as to network requirements. and the function of character replication is usually handled by the moment component of the character blueprint.

You can see this by installing the 3rd person template and in the character controller you will see how the input table is polled and passed on to the movement component as a function and for local use cast to the component to replicate the current state change. For the most part the movement component handles all of the “basic” requirements for both local and replication requirements but things get a bit more tricky if you have a need for custom movement requirements that are not part of the base component functions that becomes event driven.

Looking at the pics I don’t see where the replication requirements are being handled and passed on

From my experience you cannot replicate from inside an Animation Blueprint. Thus setting the ‘Aim Rotation’ variable will not work. This tutorial is my favorite for animation replication.

Here Frankie:

and Yes TechLord, this is what I do try to figure… because server sees the client? therefore replicated?

Ok, since none seem to be able to answear this I will set this to impossible…
Any [USER=“79781”]Unreal ENgine[/USER] Devs able to answear this?

It’s not working because you’re not replicating control rotation.

Do this in your character blueprint, set it to skip owner and use that instead of Get Control Rotation

doesnt work for me or I am doing something wrong

Hast du schon eine Lösung gefunden?
Bei mir ist das Problem mit der Head Follow Camera. Wenn der Client die Maus bewegt geht es auf dem Client und auf dem Server auch. Wen der Server die Maus bewegt geht es nur auf dem Server der Client sieht die Bewegung aber nicht? Die Variable ist auf Replicated eingestellt. Das gleiche ist aber auch wenn ich auf RepNotify einstelle. Wie bekomme ich das hin damit der Client auch die Bewegung vom Server sieht?

hi, please post in English or post a new thread about your issue in the appropriate forum, thanks.

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Have you already found a solution?
For me, the problem with the head follow camera. If the client moves the mouse, it works on the client and on the server too. Who the server moves the mouse is only on the server the client does not see the movement? The variable is set to Replicated. The same is also when I set RepNotify. How do I get it so that the client can also see the movement from the server?