Why wont my health bar fill up?

So I’ve deconstructed content example for HUD and I’ve for most part used that layout and it seems to work but my Health bar appears black and wont fill up. What heck am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

How you set health bar material instace?

I exported material used in Content examples project and set it in construction script of HUD BP.

Öhm, try “Current health” with a small “h” for health.
I don’t know if it differs from capital to small letters, but i know its writting with a small “h” in material graph.

Still no success.

Hey Battletek,

If you migrated M_HUD_Health_Bar Material from Content Examples project, Parameter name is “Health Percentage.” If you haven’t changed that parameter name inside Material, you need to make sure Set Scalar Parameter Value node uses correct Parameter Name. Let me know if that isn’t problem and we’ll see what else might be causing this.

Hope that helps!

, You’re man! Thanks I didn’t change parameter name. AWESOME THANKS!