Why won't certain post processing effects turn on?

So I have a project I have been working on, I have added a post procesing volume, and some of the effects work (ie: fringe, and DOF) but it seems like most are off…I do not understand why or how, I have checked to make sure i had post processing on, it is. I have tried starting a new project, and using example projects and it works fine, all post processing effects work great…but in my main project I can only get a couple of the post processing effects to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am quite lost on the subject…thanks in advance.

Is the pp volume set to Unbound?

Yes…but I have also tried bound with different sizes

Hi Shepherd47 -

Can you post a screenshot of the problem PostProcess Volume and its details panel?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

One thing to check is the editor scalability settings - they can silently disable features so the UI doesn’t do anything.

Otherwise, the PP volume with the highest priority should win.