Why when the Cable Actor is moving, it flickers and seems there is some rendering order fault

I want to make a rope suspension moving platform with tractor on the top of it.
I made a blueprint like:

I attach the cable actor to Cell(static mesh component),and when I activate this platform, the “Cell” will translate between “Start Point” and “End Point” thus make the rope tract the platform.
The cables were set attach end to the Platform’s relative sockets.

But when I activated the platform, the “Cell” was moving perfectly but the ropes attached to it were flickering.
The flickering is like something goes wrong with the rendering order and transparency.

I tried:
Setting the Cables’ tick group to Post Physics.
Attch one new cable’s end to the Cell, and drag it as a child of the Platform.
But it still happens.

I suppose:
The Start of the cable actor is not allowed to move persistently.

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Hello. If it’s still relevant. Maybe the problem is related to the video card, I had the same problem on UE5, but it disappeared when I switched to UE4. Try to run on UE4.

It’s a UE5 bug, it was fixed in 5.1 but 5.1 hasn’t officially released yet.

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