Why we need to create database from external software?

Hello, Please answer me, Why we need to using external database (such as mySQL) for an online game? UE4 has a plugin for saving data, I want understand that when we need to create database from other software for UE4?

UE is a game engine, not a database. So when you want to use a database with it, you need an external package, that you talk to using a plugin. Does that make sense?

If your requirements are very basic, you might be able to get away with arrays and data tables. But if you need real DB functionality, then you need an external DB.

arrays and data table can save only text data or some thing else like images and others ?
thank you for answering.

You can store the path to an image in a data table:

and you can store references to textures in an array.

What are you trying to do?

Thank you I got the answer, this is enough for me right now, I’m trying to learning many things about UE4 before starting my project.