Why use bevior tree?

Okay so i have been doing my AI’s dirctly in the actor’s blueprint. and then i heard about this behavior tree thing.

And i was wondering what is the benefits to use a behavior tree. from what ive seen you need blackboards and tree’s and blueprints and alot of stuff, and all the functions the AI have seems to be split out all over the place, just seems like a mess to me.

But are there any benefits to use a tree for all AI’s or is it maby only usefull for more advanced AI’s?

Example. i want an AI that walks around until he sees me, then hes run towards me and attack me and die. is it still usefull to use a tree?

Sorry if this question is dumb, new to this engine.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:


If the AI is simple you don´t need a behavior tree, but for more advanced AI, you will need a Behavior Tree and maybe IQS Environment.

If you want to learn more about Behavior Trees, check this tutorial series here: Creating AI in UE4 Part 1 - AI Components - YouTube

I recommend you to follow this tutorial.

Good Studies.