Why Unreal doesn't support point and spot lights for mobile?

I’m migrated from Unity couple weeks ago and still don’t understand one thing: why in Unity (for mobile) we can add dynamic spotlights and even turn on high quality shadows (I’ve tested it on my phone), but at the same time in Unreal we can’t add it even without shadows, we also can’t add stationary spotlights, only directional light works fine on mobile!
Why there’s so many limitations? Is Unreal uses more complicated shadow system or what?
Please, explain me this

Stationary lights are indeed much more complicated. They use special lightmaps containing the static shadows for individual lights, and shadows for dynamic objects are individually composited into the scene in multiple passes and blended with those lightmaps before the result is added to the screen.

You can add point lights on mobile, but they have to be movable not stationary, and there is a limit to how many can affect a single object. That is the case in Unity as well.

Check your project properties. There is an option how many dynamic lights you can use in scene (max 4).

Yes, I know about that, but I can’t add spotlight even in movable mode, that’s the main problem

​​​​​​​But still I can’t use spot lights

Any update on this? I have the same problems no working spotlights or point lights on mobile

Simple, epic put pretty much no time at all into mobile rendering, completely ignoring all but the most basic lighting, so, do it yourself with a scenecapture cube and a material param collection.