Why the World Displacement is so flat ?

Hi guys ! I have this little issue, i create this material with his world displacement, in the blueprint preview everything is correct, the stone come out from the mud, but in the real scene the material is super flat !!! What i’m doing wrong ?

Make a screenshot in wireframe mode =)

Sure ! :slight_smile: I see that i have a 4 point face, is this the problem ? I need more triangles ?

I take this cube from geometry box :slight_smile: There is a way to increase the geometry in UE ?

I create a plane with more triangles in Maya and it work :slight_smile: Thankyou to explain me this lesson :slight_smile:

Well Displacement moves your Vertecies so I guess thats kinda Hard to do with just 8 verticies right ^^ I see your Tessalation is Set but there is no tessalation on your Cube. Is that a BSP or a actual Mesh?

You can convert your BSP into static Mesh. Select it and look for the small arrow in the Brush Settings. There is a option to Convert to Static mesh, those can be Tesselated by your Material =)