Why the virtual bones are missing when importing skeletal meshes applying the same skeleton?

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Thats because Unreal Engine is able to store skeleton data for each mesh is using that skeleton…
Thats not 100% i mean im not sure about engine share virtual bones or not… im pretty sure ue store skeleton informations / mesh (like if you have extra bones in your mesh that will be not used)

Try to add virtual bones when you open the other mesh , then skeleton and save that…
if “different” virtual bones apper we are sure ue save virtual bones / mesh too…

Source for mesh / skeleton save: Skeleton Assets: Importing, Sharing Skeletons & Anims | 02 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Hello everyone, I am a beginner on Animation.
I am using the default UE mannequin skeleton for all humanoid characters. I have added 2 virtual bones on the default skeleton.
Now there’s a strange problem: When skeletal meshes are imported applying the exactly same skeleton, they all lose the virtual bones. Even if I export the default mannequin and reimport into the engine, it still does not have the virtual bones.

Virtual bones are as below:


Can anyone kindly help me about this subject?

Thank you so much in advance!

Thank you very much for your reply. I was trying your method and I have a update for anyone who encounters the same problem:

The engine crashed while I tried to rename the Virtual Bones which are existing but not fuctionning. When I restart the project the Virtual Bones are right in their place, perfectly fuctionning…I wish the engine crash can save us always like that.