why the refraction's effect in level is different from in preview

I’ve made a material with refraction like this:


the result in material’s preview is:


however the result in level is:


Refraction affected Emissive color In material’s preview, but is not working in level.what’s happen…

Now I’m obviously not using the same textures as you, but I got it to work reasonably well!

Now it’s a bit more complicated than yours, but it will get the job done, here is how it looks like. (right-click and open in new tab for bigger view!!)

you can also basically follow this tutorial right here and use the same technique.

Thank you so much for your reply, I am thinking whether using the Normal map Panner directly is not suitable. The key question is in my test material Emission color is static, In preview the normal map refraction effects Emission, make Emission color distortion. While In the Level Emission color is not affected by anything, still static no distortion. Is there any problem with render order in material’s preview and in level world?