Why the number of mesh particles continue grow while I only have on mesh

I create an mesh particle emitter, and set the max draw call count to one. And spawn the emitter with burst mode. The burst count is 1. I set the spawn ratio to 0. So I expect my mesh particle has only one mesh and alive until particle system is dead.

However in the stat particles, I saw my mesh particle count continue grow from 1 to almost 2k. Is there performance problem for this growth? From the docs, although only one mesh particle is rendered, it seems the other 2k hide particles are still ticked.

Or is there a way to limit the max particle number individually for each particle spawn?

hey Feiwvn, if your lifetime is infinite, and you did not enable “1 loop” in “looping” within the required module, it will keep spawning particles every second.

I havent finished making all the tutorials yet, but I already talk about most of the main modules here:

that should give you a good understanding on at least the few most important modules.

Thanks Luos, it works by enabling “1 loop” in “looping” within the required module!.
And great tutorials!