Why the "Mouse Click" don't work on multiple blueprint?

Hi, thank you for your help, I’am learning the unreal engine…maybe my question is stupid. but i really don’t understand why this don’t work.

I create two simple mouse key press event; one on the main blueprint of the project, and another on the character blueprint.

Unfortunately only one work. (the one on the main blueprint). if i delete it, the other event on the character blueprint work perfectly… or if i delete the one is the character blueprint the other in the main blueprint work…

but never if both exist… why ?

for exemple the ‘event tick’ work on both blueprint… same for a simple key press ‘e’, but not the ‘left mouse click’ same for ‘right mouse click’

thank you

Hi, that’s an expected behaviour. By default the event is set to comsume the input, so the same input event does not trigger elsewhere. So you can either uncheck “Consume Input” on your event or add two different input events that both use the same input (Left Mouse Button). To add a new input event go to your editor window, on top is “Settings” → “Project Settings” → “Input” (on the left sidebar) → add an action mapping.


That’s a pretty good question, I am trying to recreate a game, was running into same issue with kick the buddy mod apk