Why the listener Server doesn't see the names of the clients?

The clients can see the commited player name of the server, but the server can’t see the names of the clients.

The array “Spieler Namen” is located in the game state base class and is set to “replicated”.

(I made a loop to print all elements of the array)

because, there is a clean game state (creates by server after joining) I think. try to keep names in the Game Instance. and read after some delay after Game Mode Post Login events. or you can use saving system

Thank you, I’ve already tried something similar and it didn’t worked. How can i reference that name to the player, who committed it through the Game Instance? Maybe you can provide me an example?

just set name to the Game Instance (GI) before server connection.
name in the GI will be storing after open server map.

then you need read this and set for example to the game state.
add some delay (for example 1 sec) after PostLogin event in the GameMode and after this delay you can call rpc to this new player controller (run on client, because you need player, not server GI). On this rpc in the game controller you can get GI with player name and here you can try to add this name to the game state through another rpc (server, because you need to set it not in the client copy, but in the server replicated instance).

also read this http://cedric-neukirchen.net/Downloads/Compendium/UE4_Network_Compendium_by_Cedric_eXi_Neukirchen.pdf