Why the console hate?

I’m not trying to start a flame war. Instead, I just want to ask an honest question to PC gamers as a PS4 owner:

Why do PC gamers have so much hate for console gamers?

I really want to know. Is it because you’re from the Dark Side and you have cookies?

I understand that not all PC gamers act like this, but I’m hoping you can provide some insight on this.

You might wonder, “why a console?”

For me, I choose a console for many reasons, but these are the main ones: I work on my PC and I like to keep work and gaming separate; I need a system that others can play on (that’s not my computer); PlayStation is my default platform of choice for most games (I sometimes go through an MMORPG phase, during which I would be playing on a PC). I’m not going to deny that PCs outperform consoles, but that’s not a driving force in my decision-making process. I don’t hate PCs. I just don’t use them for gaming.

Please keep the responses civil and respectful. I want to keep an open dialogue.

As a side note: I wonder if this topic is too hot for discussion? I’ve always seen flame wars, but I’ve never seen people sit down and talk rationally about their differences. We’ll see, I guess.

Really what started it for me was when PS2 came out (i think) and they were rocking the “latest” video cards and everyone started on the PC users saying PC has the same hardware and consoles had better ability. Its just gone on from there about who has more horsepower. Plus, consoles have been stigmad’ with the “thats for 12 year old fanbois”. Kids dont spend thousands on a PC, so, we get away from that, sometimes … mostly.

To further the answer: look at all the trolling and crying videos from console on youtube. You just dont see the amount, at least they arnt as shared, for the PC side. So its the stigma behind it all now.

There’s always been high-end PC snobbery towards anything else, its historical…
Its entrenched like online multiplayer gaming clans and frag-count rivalry / abuse.
So interesting to see how Steam games & UWP can’t link up for online gaming! :stuck_out_tongue:

But for me personally, the Xbox-180 fiasco was the end of console convenience.
Along with overpriced recycled COD titles, vs. what COD-on-PC could always do.
Namely Modding & Custom Maps, which made the whole PC experience far richer.

I still own a few Xbox-360’s that will hopefully keep going, but no to more consoles.
Still, if I was to have a moment of shopping weakness it’d be towards the PS4 + VR.
Scorpio looks good, but how MS acted with 180 & still does with Win10 Slurp no tks!

Consoles to me are just overpriced (On release anyways) overhyped PCs that you can’t use a keyboard on or mod games. (Or create your own!)

They used to be quite different, like the nintedo vs Sega thing back in th 90’s. Those consoles were quite different, and different from a PC or MAC.
Now it’s all the same but less convenient. And with a controller I could care less about. (And those console exclusives haven’t been that great as of late… And I prefer playing those paradox 4x games, not available on console!)

But then again I’m biased, I grew up with a PC. (Ala the keyboard comment)
But I also collect old consoles and computers, so I don’t dislike them, I’m more or less disappointed with them.
I really just can’t see using one anymore, but for you I can see how they are great for gaming. It’s different for everyone. But I’m glad you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Got that there @AP_Studios, it has gotten the stigma of being a system for 12 year olds. (A vocal minority, but a very Vocal one at that. And the Lulz element isn’t helping.)
Also, a fairly okay PC that performs or outperforms the Xbox is about the same price. But Parents don’t want to build one when they can just buy it whole and done for them! :smiley: (Don’t blame them sometimes!)
Plus those kids harassing PC users kind of created the whole 'PC master race" thing… Funny actually.

I might give in for a PS4 if Red dead has no hope of a PC port @franktech
And the Scorpio does look good, but M$ might mess it up again.

Hopefully there will be no flame war @ArmedWatcher.
Not a community driven to anger is this one.

Everything on consoles are more expensive;
They have bad controls, mouse + keyboard cost much more to buy for your console than the equivalent for a PC.
Can’t play highly competitive games on consoles because of bad controls.

At least piracy in consoles is smaller scale though.

you can actually plug in a mouse+keyboard in to PS4 I believe, though some games disable support for it.

I don’t really see much console hate–PS4 has some great exclusives and it’s comfortable to play games on the couch. I have my PC hooked up to the TV as well but it’s a pain to switch over the settings so I don’t do it as much. For most games I’ll get the PC version if it’s available but sometimes I’ll get the console version for online play since I have more friends on console.

I am all about pushing FPS and graphics to the max for the latest and greatest games. While the games look good on consoles, they don’t compare to what you can render on PC. Especially if you have a high end rig (I do). That in itself is a reason for me to be an exclusive PC gamer. I used to be a console advocate. I was a PC hater! But you know what, that was when I couldn’t afford a PC. Now that I’m older I can shell out the money for a nice rig and I’ll not be going back to consoles.

However, there are certain games that have a certain nostalgia for me that can only be played on the Xbox 360. I still play those games from time to time. However that is the extent for my console gaming.

Also, PC has more flexibility in terms of what you can and can’t do with games. If you are savvy enough you can mod games that aren’t meant to be modded. You can’t do that with a console. There are all kinds of things you can do with a game on a PC.

Now let’s start a thread about PC vs Mac. I’m sure we’ll all stay civilized on that subject:D

I think its because of the exclusive titles each gen gets.It got worse in the ps2/gamecube/xbox era.A small % of the people can afford to have it all and have the time to enjoy it.I suspect that we will get to the point where we all use steam pc or even play using a tv service.Than its when old consoles will be worth gold on ebay :cool: The problem will still be money and time though.

Humans are inherently tribal creatures. We break everything into tribes and if you aren’t in tribe X/Y/Z, then you’re wrong.

Just realize that different strokes for different folks and leave it at that.

For consoles more specifically, it’s the case that people want to know that the console they chose is the one that’s doing the best, if it does poorly then they feel they wasted their money and made a poor choice. That’s why people defend them so much. Consider something like the Wii U–it did very bad and got few games and is now dead, people don’t want something like that to happen.

The only issue I have with consoles is that of console-itis.
Game companies are a business and modifying a game to work better on a console ensures more sales.
The best example of this I can give in recent times is Fallout 4 :frowning:

Thanks for the responses, folks. I am pleased to see such thoughtful answers. So it’s not as black/white and polarizing as I feared it would be.

I’ve never had a problem with the PC vs console war until I went to college. Almost everyone there was a PC gamer, so I was one of the few console gamers. I should mention that I went to a game development school, so most of the students there considered themselves gamers. Anyways, I was looked down on for owning a console, and this experience made me wonder if there is some deeply ingrained hatred of console gamers from PC gamers. I’ve waited until now to ask this because it seems like a triggering topic, and flame wars…you get the idea.

Actually, there is another reason why I prefer console gaming, but it’s probably weird to you guys. I like booting up the console, sticking in the disc, and plopping down on the couch with the controller. There’s something extremely satisfying about this sequence of physical actions that I’m missing when I play on a computer. In other words, it’s easier for me to get into game mode on a console.

Really? People around me are almost exclusively console gamers!
Different from place to place I guess. (Almost all college age gamers use consoles here.)

Sorry you were looked down upon. Just be nice and move on I suppose.

There is hate for consoles, butt most people just dislike them. You met the very vocal minority.
I don’t like them. But never gonna hate on you for it!

I understand that, I still like putting cartridges in my Atari. And booting floppy discs on my old computers.
Just something satisfying about doing things like that. It’s both nostalgic, and you can touch and be part of the start up processes. Makes you feel more accomplished?

I really just can’t see using one anymore, but for you I can see how they are great for gaming.

I for one appreciate my ps3 very much. After spending almost a whole day on my computer doing various things developing, music composition, some modeling, i’m certainly not going to sit around my pc again to play games. I want to go plop on my couch and eat nachos and play ganes sideways lol.

You start with

And then

And then you close with

You’re confusing… :smiley:

But… but… that’s the joke! :stuck_out_tongue:

The grin implies that you like it, though, so thank you? You’re welcome? Anyways, the Dark Side joke was to keep the mood light, though I guess it could come off as offensive to certain people.

Now that we’re on the topic of the Dark Side and cookies, could it be that the Sith (and other peeps on the Dark Side) are actually affiliated with Girl Scouts? I mean, they’re the only other “guys” who go around selling cookies to people. Maybe that’s the deal with the hoods and the masks and everything. They’re all girls disguised as guys with a secret agenda to market their cookies across the galaxy. The whole empire and political deal’s just a cover up for a monopoly in the door-to-door cookie selling business.

Again, this is a light joke interspersed with some nonsense, so don’t take this too seriously. Actually, has anyone seen a Star Wars parody called Store Wars? I remember watching it over ten years ago, and that was a pretty funny video.

It seems Darth Vader is losing his touch with the force. His mind reading should have revealed that my favorite cookies are snickerdoodles, not chocolate chip (the force does allow you to read minds, right?). I can picture him weeping from his not-so-epic fail.

I am actually a laptop user so I am in between because, umm… OH HEY A BIRD!