Why the compiled project varies its size randomly

After I created a code_based projects and compiled it with VS 2013 Express.I went to check the capacity of the compiled project.But it varied randomly.Sometimes it is more than 1GB(1.09or1.13),somentimes I got a project nearly 5G(When this size appears,it takes a much longer time to finish the process of packaging out).I just wonder why this thing happens.so strange.Is there difference between the two size?If I work with the project smaller size,does it have any potential negtive influence on my further workflow?

Sorry,the packaging time maybe the same, both vrery long

I got the point.The just created code-based project is only about 1.1GB,and once you packaged one level out,it growed up to more than 5GB.Why is it?

Do you mean the size of a packaged folder or the size of the project folder? Does the size of .pak file vary? If not, what does?

Also, what platform/configuration you are packaging for?

The size of the project file.I didn’t look to the1pak file yet.
Every setting is just defaut,I open the editor, I create a project.I open the project with the defaut level loaded,then I package. That’s all.

What file specifically are you referring to? When we say “project file” we normally mean .uproject, but it is never that large. I am assuming you mean the size of the whole project directory. If that is the case, you should not worry, since it is expected to vary due to temporary files being saved in it.

What should really matter is the size of the directory where you save your packaged project to. This is what you are going to ship to the end users and it should not vary randomly between attempts.