Why the color of Particle in Editor is much brighter than in Viewport?

As the following pic shows, left is in Viewport of scene, right is in Particle Editor. In the scene, I have close all lighting( include Environment Color), How can I adjust the color to the same?

Maybe this is because of your postprocess?

Turn off the eye adaptation and auto exposure in your postprocess volume and your camera, and they will look the same.

Yeah, Post Process effects are to blame. The one in the Particle Viewport doesn’t match the scene.

I see, Thx very much!

Thx very much!

Hi, I have exactly the same problem. I have some “blood” particle effects and they look way too bright when the post processor and auto exposure is on. The problem is, the rest of the game is designed for auto exposure and everything else looks well.
Is there a way to bring the particle effects to “normal” brightness without turning off the auto exposure completely?

I am wondering when this “problem” is a default problem when using exposure, how anyone can use it when it has such a big impact on particle brightness.