why textures become low resolution in Galaxy note4


i have a question how texture resolution is settled in mobile. because texture resolution in Galaxy note4 is bad.

i have tested textures resolution in my game by several mobile devices.( galaxy note3, note2, shild table , galaxy s5, Xiaomi mi4 )
but in Galaxy note4 case , texture resolution is lower than other devices.
i’ve modified r.MobileContentScaleFactor value in DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini as 2.
and CVars=r.MobileReduceLoadedMips ← this option too. i’ve set this value as 0.
result is same. im curious whether it’s Galaxy note4’s problem or not.

i attached 2 screen shots. normal screenshot is a result from many devices ( galaxy note3, note2, shild table , galaxy s5, Xiaomi mi40 . B is a result from Galaxy note4.
As you can see , B’s floor texture resolution is lower then A.
i tested by 512x512 size.
this is normal screen shot.

this is B from Galaxy note4.

Engine verstion is 4.8.

Managing the Texture Streaming Pool: