Why particles are blinking in VR mode?

I’m trying to watch free paragon assets particles in VR mode. There is no problem when playing in Selected View port or when I turn off ProjectSettings>VR>Instanced Stereo option. But in VR preview with Instanced Stereo option enabled there is a lot of blinking on both lenses in the headset. Is there some workaround to achieve normal particle behavior keeping Instanced Stereo enabled for better performance in the project?

Asset used (many other particles have similar problems): ParticleSystem’/Game/ParagonDekker/FX/Particles/Abilities/Line/FX/P_DekkerBeamSource.P_DekkerBeamSource’

video to see the problem: vr instanced stereo on - YouTube

video to see normal behavior: vr instanced stereo off - YouTube

Dynamic parameters for mesh emitters are broken in 4.22 for instanced stereo. I’ve detailed the fix here: Warning about 4.22 and VR - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums It does need engine edits to fix it.

I sent a repro project to Epic but they responded with the other Niagara instanced stereo issue so no idea when it will get fixed in the main branch.

It seems it is better for me to skip 4.22 and wait for Epic rendering pipeline reworking to be done for 4.23.