Why no emissive color on Galaxy S3?

a friend of mine has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and on his Device, Emissive Color seems to be disabled (Sun doesn’t glow, Skybox isn’t visible).
I can’t explain it to myself, it works on my Galaxy S4.
Maybe I should set another HDR tier, like basic lighting? But I have no idea how I can do this.

Has really noone an answer? It is relly weird.

PUSH so developers can track it (forum post)

Looks like GPU may not support it, lot of older mobile GPU does not support hdr

I don’t think so it has a modern graphics card and the doc says, that emissive color can be used like on PC.

Mobile GPUs evolving pretty fast, 2 years can make a lot of difference. In roadmap that they plan to improve support of lower end hardware, maybe that will fix that

Is emissive color without glowing HDR?

S3 might only support the un-lit or HDR mosaic path, both which do not have bloom.

Ok, and why I cannot see my skybox?

Not sure. Does it draw if you make it smaller (closer to the player)? Wondering if it has to do with z range.

Hey, I ran into same problem and wonder, did you find a workaround or something. Blendables are also disabled for mobiles, so I’m stuck :frowning: