Why my VR moves or turns left? Android

Hi everyone, I’m trying to create a little project using VR on Andorid platforms and Cardboard. When I tested this technology with the FirstPerson Template coming with the Editor, I noticed that If I stand without moving a muscle for a while (like 40 or 50 seconds) and without moving the head, the camera has a slight tendency to move or rotate left. I was wondering if is this a bug or if this is a problem due to the use of a third party cardboard and, if this is a bug, How can I fix it.

Thank You very much

There is not a bug, I remember I got that behavior when I play with google cardboard, the first time I run a single project everything works ok, after doing some testing I got exactly that behavior but I don’t know what was the setting I changed.

So, have you checked your project settings>> Input >> Bindings>>Axis Mappings controls?

What if you run the same project in a cellphone that has no accelerometer?

Try to reset your accelerometer settings with your smartphone too.