Why my path tracing viewport show 360 panoramic camera?


I met a trange problem, see if anybody can help me to solve it.

In viewport, when I choose path tracing mode, it appeared 360 panoramic image.

I don’t know what is wrong with me.Pls see my sceenshot:


Hi, Mike :slight_smile:
If you Using Camera360v2, you need apply Projection to 2D. The changes concern the entire engine. Therefore, if you have worked with 360 Path Tracing in one project, you need to switch back to 2D mode.

Hi Ivan,I did test 3 different 360 plugins before.But this project there is nothing.

Where I can change the projection to 2d? Can you help to point out?I can’t find it.Thx!

  1. If YOu using Camera360v2, activation plugin → and check this tutorial
    Tutorial 1 (New). PathTracing Solutions for rendering. Camera360v2. - YouTube
    And select 2D projection.
    Open Epic Games Launcher and repair files Engine.

Thx,Ivan.I think repair engine is the easy way for me.