Why my Metallic/Specular/Roughness/Normal nodes is dark when i choose the Translucent blend mode?

i have saw its all right in the official documentation.

That means that that is disabled.


In your material main settings, scroll down until you see tranlucency. Then change the lighting mode to Surface Translucency Volume.

thank u but its not really work.the nodes is on but even i input the value0,there is no reflection at all.what i want is like the second ocean meterial surface looks nice by the way.


IIRC screen space reflections don’t work in Surface Translucency Volume mode. Reflection captures will, however.

it will reappear after you change your lighting mode to surface translucency volume in translucency tab. remember to place an value in specular too, it good when fine tuning the final result

Reflection captures? is it a lighting mode too? i cant find it.

i have already set lighting mode to surface translucency volume and set specular/1 roughness/0,but it still no reflection

The reflection capture nodes should work with the STV mode. (Spherical and box reflection captures). You’ll find them in visual effects tab of the editor I believe.

thanks for alll guys,i just find this in official seems wont work.

have u try assign it in your model in editor and test it? the material editor sometime is bugging for me, and would like to see your full material if posible incase they got something wrong on it :slight_smile:

@profhua Just found this, try using ForwardShadingMode and then checking the screen space reflections box. It should achieve what you’re aiming for, though it can be a bit pricey.