why my download of UE 5 dont work .

hi my download of unreal engine 5 freeze at 90% and when I stop it and restart it he immediately start at 45 % and dont move only the purple bar ( the bar without the 0B ) and the 45% dont move same in 2hours .

Hello Coucouantoine and welcome to the Unreal Community.

One of the first things I would consider checking is how much space is on your drive. UE5 can be relatively large. Here is a relevant thread with quite the informative discussion.
Here is additional documentation you can read over at any time as well.

I hope this helps.

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I have 200G to install UE5 and I’m trying to download UE4.27 but the same bug (before the download of UE 4.27 work) and I read the discussion but it doesn’t work