Why my City Sample buildings are low detailed?

How to fix these models?

Nanite isn’t working, that’s the fallback geometry.

How to troubleshoot Nanite not working:

  • Nanite requires DX12 with an up-to-date version of Windows (revision 1350+ for Windows 10 1909, revision 789+ for 2004/20H2 : https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/wp-content/uploads/sites/42/2021/04/Aboutmenu-768x571.png)

  • Nanite requires the latest drivers available (GameReady drivers for Nvidia) - Make sure your Default RHI in Project Settings / Rendering is set to DX12, not “Default” or “DX11” (enabling the experimental DX12 SM6 RHI is not required for now) and restart the editor

  • In the engine log, make sure you can find something like this to confirm DX12 is running: “LogD3D12RHI: Found D3D12 adapter 0: (Max supported Feature Level 12_1, shader model 6.6)”

  • In the engine log, make sure you can find “atomic64” as “supported” (this means Nanite is supported by your GPU+OS+driver)

  • Try the Nanite Triangles view under the “Lit” button in viewport to confirm whether it works, check that it shows multicolored geometry, don’t rely on visual appearance or wireframe as they can be very counter-intuitive! (edited)


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