Why MSAA is acting like this ?


I switch my project from 4.13 to 4.14. I’m currently testing with an HTC Vive and in the headset I got an incredible amount of aliasing (less visible in the viewport but still present).

I made a comparaison between temporalAA and MSAA :
With temporalAA:

With MSAA:

Do you have some ideas to solve my problems ?


Source radius from my moving light where to big and cause all theses artefacts.

I have the same problem with MSAA, it’s too sharp on the edges, I decided not to use it for now.


Maybe you should check this too: It’s from the 4.14 release text

Supported forward rendering features include:

Full support for stationary lights, including dynamic shadows from movable objects which blend together with precomputed environment shadows
Multiple reflection captures blended together with parallax correction
Planar reflections of a partial scene, composited into reflection captures
D-Buffer decals
Precomputed lighting and skylights
Unshadowed movable lights
Capsule shadows
Instanced stereo compatible
Some features are not yet supported with Forward Shading:

Screen space techniques (SSR, SSAO, Contact Shadows)
Shadow casting Movable Lights
Dynamically shadowed translucency
Translucency receiving environment shadows from a stationary light
Light functions and IES profiles
Alpha to Coverage
MSAA on D-Buffer decals, motion blur, dynamic shadows and capsule shadows