why Materials became shinning and white after packaged game to IOS?

Hi Friends:
As you can see these three pictures:
The golves’ material shows different color in Mac’s PIE mode and IOS(also the materials on hilt). I simply don’t understand why, the image used for the texture and normal are 2048x2048, which is compatible on with OpenGL ES2, and during the packaging process, no error output found in output log, so can someone tell me what can be wrong? It looks like on IOS, these textures get lost and UE replaced them with default color, which is white.





Hi, I have to say the human and sword mode all suffered once of “mesh->reduce” in maya since it contains too many vertices, can this be a cause?

How many bones does the character have? Also, how many bones per material chunk? You can see these stats by opening up the skeletal mesh and Show > Display Info > Detailed.

It is recommended to stay below 75 bones per skeletal mesh. I have noticed though that it is possible to go above this number if an individual material chunk is below 75. Can be buggy though, so tread lightly. :slight_smile:

thanks Denny your reply, but this is the result that I’ve lower the number of joints, just 66 joints…So I think the number is not an issue…

I got a little update, for the glove, I’ve check that it’s texture is 750x750, so that is the cause.
for the hilt, its texture is 512x512, anyway, I replace it with vector paramemter and make it shows black.

what really drives me crazy is something like below: it looks like on the surface of the Samurai’s Arm, there are a lot of small loopholes shinning like stars, they shine a little during some mild animations, but during some intense animations(like slash), they shine crazy like say “Watch me shine like a superstar…”, sometimes the light can even cover the entire screen…, Maybe the reduced meshes is the cause but it takes a lot of time to redo a new one…ah…can someone tell me what happened???