Why low framerate on Motion Controller replication ? (VR Network Multiplayer)

Try opening your Motion Controller and set the “Disable Low Latency Update” boolean variable to true. See if that helps.


I spawned meshes on the server in order to make them stick on the client motioncontroller position.
It works well minus one little problem, the refresh rate on the connected client is way lower compared to the server/client one. Makes it unplayable.

I upload the motion controller position over an “owning client event”, and then call an “on server event” to update his position on the server mesh. (Attached files)

Do you got any idea why i got a so low framerate ?

My DefaultEngine.Ini Modification to speed up the network











Thank you for your help !
It wasnt disable, i set the boolean to true but i still get the same issu.

Here you can see the Vive Motion Controller displayed on the client (no network) nice and smooth. And the racket not so smooth updated from the server. Can i fix this or is it too much for the network ?