Why looking through raytraced glass makes you lose depth?

Hello, I think this is my second week already trying to figure out what am i doing wrong. I am all set up for raytraced scene. In PPV everything is set to be raytraced as well. And look what a great difference between these two shots. Why is it that when you have raytraced refraction on glass makes my interior shadows much lighter compared to non raytraced refraction? Any way i can work with raytraced refractions on and not have this weird anomality? Totally ruins the look and feel. Glass is set not to cast any shadows. Glass material itself - very simple.

How did you get raytraced translucency to work at all??

The 2nd shot is probably more realistic? Doubtful a car in direct sunlight with that color interior would be so dark …

@Bits360 getting it to work is not a problem, question remains whether it works correctly!
@Shmoopy1701 well, that’s also an opinion, who knows whether that’s a bug or that’s how it’s supposed to work.
Nevertheless - thank you guys for checking out my post and trying to chime in. Hoped someone with the knowledge and experience would shine a light on it on much more detailed level. Though I have a feeling that i might want to try non-raytraced scene and see whether it brings me any closer to desired results.

I wonder whether there is anyone qualified to help with these situations when you try to figure out stuff and noone can answer anything reasonable on the forums. Is there a support available for individual developers like me and i believe many others as well? Thank you!

I have gotten it work by making the glass not cast shadows. It’s a bit of trick and it’s not really good solution for some situations though. Hope more of Nvidia’s tech makes it’s way to the standard build as plugins. I believe they have proper translucent shadows in a dev build.

Yes, I also discovered this to make a step closer to what is expected. Though , as you’ve mentioned - it doesn’t work in all situations and in my opinion is still a 50/50 workaround, not a solution and not an understanding of situation why this problem is happening in the first place, what’s the true cause and permanent solution. Thank you!

any input from UE4 devs maybe? or that doesn’t happen here?