Why isn't VInterpTo functioning here?

I’m making an animation notify which I want to smoothly move the character forward in the direction of their current facing. Since I want smooth motion instead of teleportation I’m using VInterpTo:

void UMovementNotifyState::NotifyBegin(USkeletalMeshComponent * MeshComp, UAnimSequenceBase * Animation, float TotalDuration){
		myActor = Cast<AActor>(MeshComp->GetOwner()); //Cache a reference to the ACharacter to be moved, as an actor
		if (myActor != nullptr){ //Sanity check to prevent Persona crashing
			startLocation = myActor->GetActorLocation(); //Set the starting node to our current position
			endLocation = myActor->GetActorForwardVector()*moveDistance; //Set the ending node to a position float moveDistance unreal units forward of our current facing

void UMovementNotifyState::NotifyTick(USkeletalMeshComponent * MeshComp, UAnimSequenceBase * Animation, float FrameDeltaTime){
			if (myActor != nullptr){//Sanity check
			myActor->SetActorLocation(FMath::VInterpTo(startLocation, endLocation, FrameDeltaTime, 2.0)); //Lerp us towards the desired destination

I’m expecting this to propel the character forward each tick, but instead the character remains in place, occasionally bobbing up and down vertically but never moving horizontally. Is the problem just my vector math, or am I mis-using vinterpto?

I believe the problem is that “startLocation” is not being update , so VInterpTo need for the first expression the actual Actor location to make it work … so instead of putting “startLocation” just put GetActorLocation() , and thats it!