Why isn't my struct exposed to blueprint?

I’m using a struct to track the affinity of each character for each other character, it seems to be fairly straightforward:

//Struct definition
struct FRelationship {

		int32 CharacterID;
		float affinity; 

//Elsewhere in code

		TArray<FRelationship> relationships;

When I try to split the struct pin of my relationships array, it’s greyed out with the error “Cannot split struct pin, it may be missing blueprint exposed properties”. Am I missing something? I was under the impression that as long as a struct was marked as BlueprintType, and as long as its variables were either BlueprintReadOnly or BlueprintReadWrite, it could be split and viewed inside the editor.

I copied/pasted your code and it is working on my side :


However, if you tried to “Make Relationship” or split struct as input in an function, it won’t work since you are in BlueprintReadOnly.

Oooh I was a being a dummy, I was trying to split the array pin, not the individual structs! Thanks for going to the trouble of re-creating it, if you wanna repost this as an answer I’ll accept it real quick. :slight_smile:

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I had the same Issue. But it was due to hot reload. Restarting the Editor worked.

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Same mistake here! Thanks for pointing it out, you can only split the struct element and not an array of struct.

Same here!