Why isn't my sound playing?*Fixed

I have tried implementing a footstep sound to my third person character blueprint. The sounds are supposed to change based on the material of the surface the player walks on. I have checked to make sure the materials are placed in the world and that it is in my project settings. The only thing that doesn’t seem to work is the sound. I can run them in the engine they just don’t play when the player walks on the surface. How do I resolve this issue?

Some ideas:

  • Your switch node isn’t linked to your branch, but I guess it’s just a screenshot problem
  • Maybe your sound class volume modifier is set to 0?
  • I don’t see why you perform a trace. Anyway, you want your sound to be located at the exact location of your foot, doing a trace is risky: what if you foot is a little below the floor level, due to your animation? The trace wouldn’t hit anything. Log your HitLocation to be sure.

I double checked and it wasn’t linked but even after linking it, it didn’t work and the volume modifier was 1, so I’m guessing your third point may be true, so how would you suggest I go about fixing it? I’m using the third person blueprint project of version 4.16.3.

Just play the sound without doing a trace, at your foot socket location, and see what happens.
You can also use the “Print” node to log some useful information, like the value of your bool, or simply the fact that your nodes are triggered (if it logs something or not).