Why is VInterpTo moving so slowly?

I’m trying to move the player’s model from its starting position to its melee target’s location within InterpSpeed seconds. This looks good, but movement is really slow, it takes several seconds to move 200 uu:

void UCombat::FlowTowards(float FrameDeltaTime){
	if (myActor != nullptr && combatTarget != nullptr){ //Sanity check to prevent Persona crashing
		FVector destinationLocation;
		FVector FlowEndLocation;
		FVector FlowStartLocation;

		FlowStartLocation = myActor->GetActorLocation(); //Start interpolation at player's location
		FlowEndLocation = combatTarget->GetActorLocation(); //End interpolation at target's location
		float InterpSpeed = 0.5f;

		destinationLocation = FMath::VInterpTo(FlowStartLocation, FlowEndLocation, FrameDeltaTime, InterpSpeed); //Move from start-finish in 0.5 seconds
		myActor->SetActorLocation(destinationLocation,true);	//Set the player's position to the calculated value

I’m assuming the problem is that my InterpSpeed is too low, but that in turn implies that VInterpTo doesn’t work like I thought it did- is there a way to calculate what value the speed needs to be set to, in order to cover an arbitrary distance in a given period of time?

In this case, you are slowing the interpolation down. Inside that code is doing DeltaTime * InterpSpeed which is then multiplied times the vector that is the difference between start and end locations. If you think of the InterpSpeed as the percentage of the difference you want it to move per second, you’ll get reasonable results.

Ooh okay, that makes a lot of sense… is there anything in the API that can run the interpolation based on time? This is for a free flow combat system, like the Arkham games, so I’m trying to get something that takes the exact same amount of time to put you next to a target, whether he’s 200 units or 2000 units away.

Would you not just change the target destination and keep the time the same?