Why is Unreal Engine not finding Visual Studio 2013 Express?

Whenever I try to open a C++ project it says that no compiler was detected. I have recently installed Visual Studio 2013 express as stated by UE. VS-2013 is installed on a secondary hard drive from where my OS is stored. Is there any solution to this? I found none while searching around on Google for this issue.
Thank you all in advance.

Could you please try the solution to this question and see if that works for you: How can I get Unreal Engine 4 to detect Visual Studio 2013? - Pipeline & Plugins - Epic Developer Community Forums


it didn’t work for me is there any other solution?

This doesn’t work for me either. Please help this is a really silly bug.

What version of UE4 are you using, and are you using a launcher build?

If you’re using launcher built version >= 4.10 then you’ll need VS2015, not VS2013.