Why is Unreal antialiasing so inferior to Unity?

I have tried and tried but Epically failed at getting decent TAA, or any type of anti alias in Unreal engine. I tried in Unity, and out of the box in the latest version, and even the older LTS, there is basically cinematic TAA quality.

How, without hiring a company to rewrite the engine can i get acceptable anti alias quality in unreal?

Please understand, i am not looking for basic information or settings. It is a fact that Unreal anti alias is simply terrible. So, i am looking for a ‘magic’ fix or some buried somewhere switch to maybe enable something like ATAA. I am including algorithm 1 in 4.26 in this comparison.
Also, i am targeting mid range so RTX solutions would not help.
Thank you

As you see, Unreal 4.26 have a new TAA system, called Gen5 TAA, he can improve things by a lot (with a performance cost).

Unfortunally, and yes, Unreal Engine doesn’t have the best TAA in the world.
I don’t think there is magic solution at this day.

After you don’t gonna like this answer but… if having a good TAA is a need for your project, and unity fill this need perfectly, it can be a good idea to go on Unity for your project. I know this is far from the best answer but there is some smart advice beyond this as “Use the tool who fit the best to the job”.

Thanks for the response. Yes, i was including the gen5 in the comparison. Although it is a substantial improvement in some scenarios, in others it is still severly flawed. Unfortunately, Unity is having its own issues in several areas at the moment as they attempt to integrate the HDRP and Dots/Entities systems. This unfortunately leaves the engine completely useless in a couple of key areas. It is very frustrating that between Unreal, Unity and Godot, each one has many things that i need, but not a single one has everything. This is disheartening considering the things i am looking for really are classified as base functionality.

I can understand this frustration.

How ever, Gen5 is actually in early state, some update will incoming i guess.
Also, if you are quite experienced, you can probably found some solution like custom implementation of AA in UE.

That is welcome news, thanks. I do wish though that development was not dependent on console tech. PCs have had substantial tech for quite sometime that has gone under used. I say this because the state of AA is a prime example.
Looking forward to better AA!


This issue has been resolved and is no longer true with more recent versions of Unreal Engine, such as 4.27 and 5.0. Thanks Epic for sticking with it. That did take substantial time though.