Why is Undo so terrible?

Hi Epic,

Can you do something about the horrific Undo system? Most of the time you can’t undo at all, and when it does “work”, it usually messes things up worse – and can even corrupt a project.

You have done a great job cleaning up the engine. It’s really amazing how you’ve solved so much inefficiency and malfunction from last year. Now it would be really great if you gave the Undo system the same kind of attention.


Kinda have to agree.
Wish undo was per menu. i.e. have material editor open and dont undo my cascade stuff and vice versa.

sometimes undo in the material editor only undoes ‘some’ stuff but skips specific things. and if you keep undoing you get to a weird mixed state :smiley:

Sometimes undoing a simple BP pin connection can take 5-10 secs to complete… So for simple things its usually quicker to just break the connection manually using a right click etc. Even after a fast Undo, there’s a noticeable slowdown in the response of the Editor UI for a while.

Overall, the mount of time Undo needs to complete, doesn’t justify the amount changed most of the time in my view. That makes me think Undo is spawning background threads or doing some wider survey of checks or changes or something etc.

You have to be very careful about using Undo anyway, as its very easy to mistake what’s actually being ‘tracked and changed’… So you can find yourself undoing changes to another unrelated part of UE4 you don’t want touched etc. In short, its often better to avoid it completely and just undo things manually / revert to older saves…

Completely agree. our team all has this horrific bug. It’s especially annoying when you delete something you can’t bring back! :frowning:

It would be great if things like that are told in a warning to new users. I messed up a project once or twice because of the undo. Thank god I had a backup, but I can imagine newer users being in panic not knowing why their project is suddenly broken.


Did anyone find a solution to this? Undo has stopped working completely for me in 4.24 preview (1 and 2)

Tried reinstalling but same thing. Is there some .ini file one can delete or edit to get back this crucial thing.

Where it do not work for you? I just download Prev2 and do not have that problem.

Changing any value in material instance, doesn’t respond to undo at all. The message appears but value remains unchanged.

Although it works fine on sequencer changes.

I know, pretty sure almost no one has it, otherwise it’d be a hot topic. The previous posters although did have this issue. It has to be some .ini file or something one can reset??

Next best idea I have is uninstalling all versions of UE4 and reinstall it again and try.

UPDATE: Tried uninstalling all versions then reinstalling but no dice. 4.24 preview2 still doesn’t undo for Material instances. 4.23 does.

The Undo system works.
Thing is, different tools in Unreal are “owned” by different programmers. The programmer is responsible for implementing “Transaction” code where they must be implemented in C++, that is the backbone of Undo system, but very often there’s places where transactional actions should be implemented and the programmer didn’t do it.

And the Blueprint graph’s Undo is super slow because every time you undo the entire graph of nodes and connections are reconstructed.

But the fact is that the system is a bit dated. Having one giant undo sitting on top of whole engine means that Undo in blueprint can undo something in completely different part of the game. Undo should be per window.

Oh yes, this thing is super-annoying and happens to create bugs. The human would have to remember how many actions he did in every edited blueprint (and count Ctrl+Z hits) to be 100% sure what he undone :wink:

I’m new here but seems like they never answer the suggestions in those forums… am I wrong? Is there forum thead with actual delevopers talking with us?

I mean c’mon… they can write at least something… they can hire a guy that could answer all small feature request and fix them if they are really good suggestions or am I wrong?


Basically its like this… If you have access to UDN things are better…Otherwise…

Users are on their own, unless its direct feedback about a major bug in the engine or a preview issue.
Then as Epic like to remind users smugly, you can submit a bug to the Bug Submission form and wait.
Someone from Epic may get back to you with feedback soon after that… But views on this are mixed.

Apart from that…

The Engine/Community have been classed as ‘mature’, so Epic don’t feel more contact is required now.
Some Epic staff still do (kudos to Tim Hobson/Dan Reynolds), but its pretty rare now versus 2014-2016.
The weakest link overall are the Community Managers (100’s of zombie threads full of empty promises).

The only exception is if you’re doing archviz (or you’re pretending to do so), as they are trying to gain traction on that segment. I believe you’ve got more chance for a response if you write to the Unreal Studio thread :smiley:

Feature requests on the game development side are instantly ignored (even if they say they aren’t), I don’t know when did I last see any request to be taken seriously.

Even though you’re new here, most of us who have spent some time here already don’t understand either why can’t they hire one or two more people to keep the dialogue with the community more actively (although that still wouldn’t solve the issue of requests being ignored, but would be one step I guess?).

A lot of this stuff is often very core-engineering-related to the engine. If you had an engineer on your team with that kind of knowledge, you wouldn’t have them browsing the forums. Bug reports are indeed the best way to get things on Epics radar, unless like others say, you have UDN access (but that’s more for specific issues, it’s not for making more general feature requests).

TBH, stuff like this usually gets done when Epic need it themselves.

Of course, that’s not what the community expects. Community managers should handle the forum, forward legit-sounding feature requests to developers, and channel the developers’ responses back to the forums.

The problem is, as you said, that features are not developed for the community but for Epic’s own teams and custom licensees.

Ooohh… I see now, that what I was afraid of. Making billions on Fornite and can’t help community with little bugs and features… that’s for your own good UNREAL! Dam n it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I beg to differ at times :smiley:

Community Team does feed stuff back quite often, but usually the best approach is to bug-report something. 8/10 times I usually get a response from someone if it’s a legitimate issue. There’s always going to be a QA filter of some kind before it reaches a developer.

Here I thought I was the only one with this issue haha, no idea how I missed this thread. It’s definitely annoying to have to deal with, especially as others mentioned trying to undo something in one window (i.e. Material instance) and having it wreak havoc in another, such as a blueprint - many times without even undoing 1 or 2 recent commands at all.