Why is Tutorial/Foliage being cooked?

If I cook an empty project as ASTC(mobile) i get unknown cook failure,and it always happens right after it gets to cook Tutorial/Foliage. ATC,ETSC and others can cook fine.

These are the lines that worry me,after that i only get Unknown cook failure .
I dont use any foliage or tutorial content so why does it even try to cook that?

Cooking /Engine/Tutorial/Foliage/Foliage_Using_The_Tool_Tutorial -> C:/Users/zlatk/Documents/Unreal Projects/aaaaaaaaa/Saved/Cooked/Android_ASTC/Engine/Content/Tutorial/Foliage/Foliage_Using_The_Tool_Tutorial.uasset

 Display: No exports found (or all exports are editor-only) for Foliage_Using_The_Tool_Tutorial. Package will not be saved.