Why is there no way to apply completely opaque decals?

A lot of people ask for this in one way or another and it seems at some point there was option for this but it was removed some time around when DBuffer got implemented.

The only Blend Mode for Decal material available is Translucent, the rest give errors and no one understands why those broken modes are even there. All decals in Content Examples are semi-transparent which shows that there’s only one blend mode available.

So I guess the question is: Is it something that’s not currently implemented, or not supported by current shader models, or just something that broke down and need to be fixed?

Completely opaque decal is such decal, that has its opacity set to 1.

Mind decal projection falloff.

Yes, it should be opaque, but it isn’t, and that’s the problem

Thank you for trying to help. I found this question asked in 2014. The developer basically says that decals are designed this way. Decals are always seethrough - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums