Why is there no texture on my imported static mesh?

anyone Know why textures don’t work on my imported static mesh FBX files?
when i apply a material in UE4 it changes the colour of the static mesh but does not show at the texture.
i export from Blender and convert the FBX with the Autodesk FBX Converter before importing into UE4. textures worked fine previously with my Skeletal meshes./Users//Desktop/NoTextures.tiff

Hi ,

When you export the FBX from Blender you’ll want to make sure that the textures are applied to the mesh and are included with the FBX import by choosing “embed media” option.

When import this FBX into UE4 you’ll get several options to choose from.

Import > open advanced tab > check Import Texture and Import Materials

When you import the textures it will import just the textures but not create the material needed.

If you choose the import material it will import the texture and create a simple material with the diffuse plugged into the base slot in the material. This material should be applied to your mesh at this point as well.

Give this a shot and let me know if you have any other questions.


It actually seems to be showing the texture on that mesh, but the UV is so small that it makes the texture REALLY huge, resulting on appearing to not be there.
Check your UV’s if thats the case :slight_smile:

Thanks But didn’t work. Just Tried as you’ve suggested still not showing any texture

That sounds about right. How do i check the UV’s?

@Luos: It looks like there is a reflective texture on the piece in the middle. The texture you’re seeing in the bottom left corner it looks like reflection from the wall with the texture. You agree?

@: You can look at the UV in the mesh editor\viewer. Open your model here. Select the UV button on the tool bar in the top right. You’ll see an overlay of the UV overlayed in the bottom left corner of the viewer window.

I’ve found they didn’t have a UV map when exporting from blender, i didn’t think simple geometry needed mapping. Thank you both for helping me.