Why is the cube/head not replicating its position?

Hi, I have an antilatency setup where I use the “BP_AltSimplePawn” from the plugin content. Antilatency is a tracking system simelar to the vive tracking system.
The “BP_AltSimplePawn” is just a Pawn class which has an antilatency component for the tracking and a camera as child of the tracking component.
The application is running on a pico g2 4k.
I also have setup a server which is working so far.
In the “BP_AltSimplePawn” I added a static mesh (cube) for the head of the player which is a child of the tracking component. The tracking for itself works so far. In the actor “BP_AltSimplePawn” I activated “Always Relevant”, “Replicate Movement” and “Replicates”. In the (cube) Mesh Component I also Activated “Component Replicates”. Now, when I connect with two players/picos to the server, the cube from the other player is showing up but only on the coordiante 0,0,0 and it is staying there, not moving.
I want that the cube moves around if the player with the headset is moving around.
What am I doing wrong here?