Why is the color not showing up in my decal ?

Hi, the decal is showing up how I want it to but the color is not there it’s grey instead of blue why?

I have the decal under static light does it need to be in dynamic light to show up correctly?

Hello Joker of all trades,

From what you describe and your screenshot it appears as if the blue color of your decal is working. Do you not see this applied to your mesh in your viewport?

Please let me know and link a screenshot of your material not working.

Thank you,


Hello Joker of all trades,

I have not heard from you yet. I was wondering if you were still experiencing this issue? I am still a little confused as to why you say the decal color is not showing up. Please let me know if you are still having a problem and I will continue to investigate this issue at that time.


My guess is that your decal is facing 180 degrees in the wrong direction I’ve seen the color change like that. Say rot z is 90 switch it to -90 instead

When you place your decals make sure the blue arrow not xyz the extra arrow faces the wall good luck

I’m actually having a similar issue. I’ve added color to a decal and inside the material editor it looks fine using the blend mode DBuffer Translucent Color, Normal, Roughness but when I place it in the world (through firing a weapon) its invisible. If I switch the Decal Blend mode back to Translucent it appears in the world but loses all color.

Hello TorQueMoD,

Could you provide screenshots of your decal losing color in your viewport as well as your decal material setup.



Sure thing. I was actually just trying to add color to one of the decals that already came with the Shooter Game project. The material in question is “M_Impact_Decal” in Game/Effects/Materials/Weapon

Here’s a screenshot of the material setup with me adding in a color via the Lerp node which was already present in the original material:

As I said above, if I set the blend mode to DBuffer Translucent Color, Normal, Roughness the color blend works fine but the decal doesn’t show up in game when I fire the rocket. If I set it to the default blend mode of translucent, the decal shows up in game but the color is lost.

Any idea what the problem is?

Thank you for the information. Are you using 4.7 as well or a later version of UE4?


4.10 actually

So, if you add your color to the emissive channel this will make a color appear when this decal is called. I recommend using the Translucent Decal blend mode.

Since translucent and decals both derive their colors and illumination from the light around them, simply adding a color to them will not affect the overall color of the decal itself. This method forces it’s own illumination and draws this whenever the decal is called.


It works. I’m not sure what was wrong with it. Thanks.