Why is Steamworks not working for Win32 Shipping build?

I’ve got steamworks(v129) installed and enabled in code(through the steamworks.build.cs and game.build.cs). When I package from the editor with shipping enabled it builds a win32 exe, steam is not enabled though. If I go into my unreal projects folder and run the win32 exe its not enabled either. However if I go into the win64 folder in my unreal projects directory and run the game… steam overlay works. Theres nothing being logged during packaging in the Editor or at run time. Is there a step that I’m missing ?

you guy really fast in development.

So I had some wonderful support from Unreal|rcl on #unrealengine. The trouble I was running into was to do with a hard coded version of steamworks differing from the newer version I had installed. The fix in the link below took care of it after a re-build :slight_smile:


Hope that someone having the same trouble may find this helpful ^^


Why thank you kindly ^^ There’s still lots more to be done though :3

If you got v129 working, could you help me with this issue?
Steamworks - Failing to Find DLLs - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums.

I follow the guide Epic provided, but I can’t get the DLLs to load, may be something I’m doing wrong.