Why is Set Actor Enable Collision not replicated?

I can use AttachActorToComponent on the server to attach an actor to another one, and this gets replicated.

I can use Set Actor Hidden In Game on the server to show/hide an actor, and this gets replicated.

But, if I try and use Set Actor Enable Collision on the server to turn an actor’s collision on/off, this does NOT get replicated. Why? I have to get every client to call this one node because the server doesn’t replicate it. Doesn’t make any sense. Is this a bug?

Looks like this is actually a bug and has already been reported. Hope it gets fixed soon.


Hey I just added a PR to fix the bug, if you maintain your own engine fork you can just integrate it yourself.

Why dont they fix this issue already since you already have a easy fix which to me just looks like they forgot to include that part of the code in the framework folder so why dont they just fix it

It’s easy to do im BP and to integrate yourself, so there is a why ^^

But I’m with you on the fact that having it in engine would be nice though.

I always work on my own forks professionaly so having it in engine is not that of an issue for me.