Why is one of these static meshes messed up?

Hi all,

I’m importing a bunch of fbx files for my blueprints game and almost all of them show up totally messed up/flickering in the game. I can’t figure out why it’s happening, was hoping someone with more experience would know.

I was even able to reproduce this problem with this mesh by reimporting it the same way i did before, only at a bigger size. I have a bunch of similar type characters that I’m importing and they all have the problem except this one.

I thought maybe the ones im importing just need to be a smaller size and then they would work like this one, but no matter how small the size they still have the graphics issue.

All the files are of the same exact type from the same website https://www.shapeways.com/designer/mz4250/creations

i’m importing them into blender as stl and then exporting them to fbx and importing them into UE4 as fbx

I’m also attaching screenshots with my import settings and 3 ! messages i’m getting on import, however keep in mind, I have the exact same import settings and ! messages on the working import.

Hi all,

I still haven’t been able to solve this. I would really appreciate any help.

Can anyone explain why these lines and flickering is showing up on one of these imports but not the other? They are imported from the same exact stl into blender and then directly into unity. The only difference is I scaled one down by about 1/3 size

I wish scaling could fix it for my other models but it doesnt, basically all of them come out all messed up like this. They momentarily look smooth and then they flicker into this broken model with lines all over the place, so they are pretty unusable.

The stls are available for free with a shapeways account at mz4250's Designs on Shapeways
and those are all the models i want to use for my game, if anyone wants to try to see if the problem gets recreated on their side and then can find a solution.

Thank you very much!