Why is not exist FAndroidPlatformFile struct is matched with FIOSPlatformFile?

I want to using ConvertToAbsolutePathForExternalAppForWrite() function on android platform.
And the function is calling FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull() function.

I already knew FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull() is not working on android because I read this page.

I want to know why is not exist FAndroidPlatformFile or why do you make it is not working FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull function on android. According to the page of the link, it is easy to make path, it is reason why I’m telling WHY.

I thought If you provide FAndroidPlatformFile and FAndroidPlatformFile::ConvertToAbsolutePathForExternalAppForWrite() and so on, it makes me be easy.

Thank you.

I tried to save some files in the save directory with FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull(FPaths::ProjectSavedDir()). It worked on PC, but it didn’t on android.