Why is my textures missing from my FBX import?

Hi all,

I’m having a problem to import a mesh composed of 300 objects and 20 materials. I’m exporting my file from max 2014 using FBX 2013 format.

It seems that all materials are imported into the engine (some textures are missing, but this is not a big deal), but the major problem is that they’re not all listed in the materials list of my static mesh. I have 11 slots instead of 20. For example, the glass material is replaced by a wall material, and I can’t find a way to replace it inside the engine.

FBX import : checked import materials and texture + combine meshes.

I’d like to avoid going back to max and split the model in multiple files…

I’d like some advice on where to check for known mistakes, or information whether this is a bug or not.

Bonus question: what’s the simplest workflow for animating doors of my model (open close with a trigger area for example) knowing they’re already built in my max file. I’m from Unity and I used to have access to the model hierarchy, which does not seem to be possible in UE4. I tried importing without combining the meshes but this results in too many objects that I have to instanciate one by one.

Bonus bug : the objects of my max file contains semicolons ‘:’ in their names (file coming from archicad), and this is preventing those objects to import when importing my file without checking ‘combine meshes’. Is this a known bug or should I report that?

Hope one of you will be able to help with these issues !

I’ve been able to import correctly my model by attaching all of the 300 objects in 3dsmax.
This might be a bug.

Any clue for my other questions?