Why is my texture deforming in UE4?

Hey Folks,
I’m pretty new to UE4 but I am running into an issue which is driving me batty. I am hoping there is an easy answer.
I am baking normal maps out for a padded vest thingy (just the area with normal maps displayed) and for some reason they are super distorted in UE4 but look fine in all other packages. I thought that maybe it was the tessellation/triangulation but I have made sure that the same triangulation is in marmoset (where I baked the maps) maya and UE4. I have also tried turning on ‘use precision UV’s’

So here is the area in marmoset toolbag3


and displaying the normal map in maya


In maya showing pre-triangulated


and the UE4 where it’s a total mess


Thank you in advance for any advice or pointers you can give this noob!

hmm, only thing I can think of is to enable accurate uv’s in the mesh itself. (in ue4)