Why is my static mesh asset view so small?

i just recently finished making a model in Blender that i imported into UE4 as an fbx file. But for some reason in the content browser where you find the static mesh piece’s that make the whole model are small. But the model when it’s put together in a whole is the right size the two images that i am showing is one of the piece’s of the model. is there any way to increase the view size?

Just click the ‘reset camera’ button :slight_smile:

Hi! Check blender export tutorial. Particularly 1:1 export.

i did one picture is with the camera reset button and the other picture is a far away shot.

I have watched ton’s of videos on YouTube and experimented on the different types of exports in blender already. So in other words i have already messed around with this and i can’t seem to find anything about this problem on blender or UE4.

Nevermind i did some more exploring and i found the problem thanks for the suggestion.

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