Why is my RVO avoidance not working in multiplayer?

Hey, i’m currently working on a multiplayer game.
In this game there will be quite many different NPC’s that will be wandering around and i would like for them to use RVO avoidance to avoid walking into each other and the player characters.

I managed to setup the RVO system just fine by checking the box in the character movement components. And to not have the movement of the player affected i set the “Avoidance Consideration Radius” to 0. This works perfectly when playing without multiplayer.

But when i play with multiplayer all the clients will have their character movement completely bugged. They keep jittering in place if the player tries to move them. But it’s only the clients that gets the bugged movement, it works on the server. I tried setting the use RVO bool to true behind an authority check in begin play, but it still have the bugged movement. I also tried changing the Consideration Radius but no change.

Has anyone else had this problem before?
Any help would be appreciated!

I just tested making a fresh project and i still have the same issue with the player movement not working for clients.
What i did was create a new blueprint ThirdPerson template project with no starter content. Then went into the character BP and turn on RVO avoidance by checking in the box. After that i set so the PIE starts two windows and tested it.