Why is my player always on top of the river (water plug in) when walking?

so i placed a river on my landscape but everytime my player passes through it just walks on top of the river and not on the ground below the river but when my player jumps thats the only time it reaches the ground below the river then comes back up again on top of the river. unchecking the enable collision tick box on the river solves my issue with the player but it also loses water simulation effects coz i made my player to produce water rippling effects as he walks on water.

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Instead of disabling collision completely, change collision to Overlap all under collision settings of your River Static Mesh.


But the river has no static mesh but only spline …theres no collision preset option but only a tick box of wether to enable collision or not?

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In the UE editor, select your WaterBodyRiver, and in the Details panels search for “collision”. Expand Collision Presets and change Visibility and Camera to Ignore, and change Pawn to Overlap. That should allow the player to walk through the water instead of on top of it. Hope that helps.