Why is my particle system not the same when playing


I made a simple Rain Particle and it looks “good” when i view it in the editor, but when i play my splashes are not as mutch as they where in editor.

the Pictures below show it

In Editor View:

When playing:

thanks in advance


Hey siebencorgie -

Could you give us a brief description of how you are spawning the splashes? I am thinking that something is not living long enough to collide, perhaps? A screenshot of the Cascade Particle System would also help us track the problem down?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

the splah is spawend like in the “Event Generator” examble, so whenn the Rain is colliding with a surface it fires an Event which is used bye the splash to spawn at this location. in Editor view everything works fine and looks good but in game most of the splashes arent spawning, some do.

The build:

On your Collision module, check the distance setting…you may need to increase the value to something greater than 1000 units.

yeah that was it.

Thanks for your help, the epic support is awesome.